Managing leadership stress to excel

A stressed leader not only undermines their own performance, but also risks extending their personal problems into the wider workplace.

How to conquer stress has become the one crucial thing that leaders should learn to stay competitive at all times.

Leaders think and talk about
the solutions - Followers think and
talk about the problems.

-- Mike Myatt

Team Building

As a leader, one of the most important assets of your business is your employees. But have you ever wondered…

  • Why we can buy employees’ time, but not their commitment?
  • Why team members are very competent on their own, but when they work together, the team underperforms?
  • How can I motivate my team to perform better?

There is no simple answer, but our “4D Systems Programme” will be able to help you build a healthy and cohesive team.

Three things matter in a speech:
who says it, how he says it, and
what he says —and of the three,
the last matters least.

-- Mike Myatt


In the business world, being able to understand people's behavioural patterns helps us excel and communicate better.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) empowers us with the opportunity to gain more control over our own neurological processes, and over human relationships.

Leaders don't create followers,
they create more leaders.

-- Tom Peters

Effective leaders know that stress can be a good thing. It keeps you focused.
It makes you competitive.
It prompts action.

-- John R.Ryan


In times of business conflicts, what is the best way to resolve disputes while preserving the business relationships that you’ve worked hard to build?

Mediation offers another way to resolve conflict – helping both sides to come to a genuine understanding and find a resolution that addresses both of your needs and interests.

A good team is a great place to be,
exciting, stimulating, supportive,
successful. A bad team is horrible,
a sort of human prison.

-- Charles Handy

Executive Media Training

Sharing your story with the media is an opportunity that few people get, but facing an inquisitive journalist on a live TV programme can be quite intimidating, even for the most experienced executive. Knowing how the media works and sharpening the skills to bridge to your key messages can get you well prepared for challenging questions.

It is simply impossible to become a
great leader without being a great

-- Mike Myatt

Personality assessment service

Not every temperament is conducive to being a motivational leader, as different roles require different skill sets and aptitudes, which are tied to personality.

Personality assessment is increasingly being recognised worldwide as an effective tool to understand a person’s own performance capabilities and unleash their hidden potential.