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10 Most Viewed Jobs by Graduates (17-23)

Published on Thursday, 23 Jul 2015

Last Call for teachers & graduates! Check the 10 Most Viewed Jobs by Graduates/ teachers of this week, act now or the jobs will close soon!

1. 兼職導師, 香港浸會大學持續教育學院 (School Of Continuing Education Hong Kong Baptist Universary)
   Subject areas: 數學/ 教育科技與應用/ 運動教練學/ 懲教事務/ 傳媒學/ 公共行政/ 商業服務/ 電子商貿
   Closing date: 1 Aug 2015

   Key requirements: Higher diploma in Accounting, Finance or related disciplines with 2 years of experience
   Closing date: 1 Aug 2015

3. Part-time Lecturer(s), THE OPEN UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG
   Subject areas: Arts in Cultural and Heritage Tourism/ Tourism & Contemporary Society/ Arts in Legal Translation 
   Closing date: 28 July 2015

4. Lecturer, VTC
   Subject areas: Sports Business or Facilities Management/ Sports Media and Communication/ Law and Ethics for Sports
   Closing date: 1 Aug 2015

5. Part-time Teaching Assistant(s), THE OPEN UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG
   Subject areas: World Civilizations/ The Structure of Modern English/ Discourse Analysis/ Advertising for Digital Media/ Photography and Visual Culture
   Closing date: 28 July 2015

6. Lecturers and Assistant Lecturers, HONG KONG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY
   Subject areas: Humanities and Social Sciences/ Sports and General Studies/ Applied Technology/ Languages & Communication
7. Research Editor based in Singapore, Dow Jones Publishing 
   Key requirements: Strong knowledge of (and interest in) criminal news
8. Labour Relations Officer, Mott MacDonald
   Key requirements: 5 passes in HKCEE, including Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics 
   Closing date: 7 Aug 2015

9. Administrative Assistant, The Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in Hong Kong
   Key requirements: Diploma holder, and fresh graduates are welcome

10. Part-time Assistant, Hong Kong Tourism Board
   Key requirements: Diploma or above, knowledge of using computer software in managing customer database
   Closing date: 25 July 2015

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