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60 is the resistance

Published on Friday, 28 Sep 2012


Dear Career Doctor,

I have been at senior regional corporate, marketing and circulation managements for a number of international publishing groups in the past 30 years with strong track records. After all, I changed my management career on Montessori children development programs and education supplies with success. 

5 years ago, I again changed my career to focus on teaching for a well-known vocational institution, as the lecturer for Business Administrations and Marketing disciplies.  However, I had to retire last Nov. even though helping the students to win a number of open academic contests. I tried to find part-time teaching jobs in the last 6 months but failed. Couple universities gave me the interviews at which processing quite smoothly. It seems to me that 60 would be the blockade once reaching this topic.

My questions are:
1)  60 at this moment is truly a retirement age without infringement to many organizations, no matter the jobs are FT or PT?
2) Absolutely confident in accepting challenges!  I am very energetic and creative enough to make contributions to both business and social organizations; thanks to my long-term Taiji practice. Do you think my professional career will end at this age level? If not, which industries?
3)  To me, retiremnt is boring, any advice to me on looking for a job. As a matter of fact, compensation package is not the prime consideration.
Look forward to the pleasure of your support and to hearing from your advice soon.

Kind regards,