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Aedas' blueprint for success

Published on Thursday, 12 May 2011
Aedas senior architect Wilson Wong appreciates the chance to work on large projects.
Photo: Edward Wong
Kyran Sze of Aedas

Hong Kong is one of the best places to work as an architect, thanks to its robust property market.

Aedas, a leading international design practice with 700 local staff, is in the best position to benefit from the new private and government developments springing up on the mainland and Hong Kong.

The company has 25 openings for architectural assistants in Hong Kong, among other positions available for new graduates and those with up to a couple of years' work experience.

"We are big believers in fresh talent and ideas, and we give fresh graduates the opportunity to contribute with the best of their potential and ability, guided and supported by our senior architects," says Kyran Sze, Aedas executive director.

There are dozens of positions available for architects. Hired by the Hong Kong office, they will be deployed locally or on the mainland.

"We generally look for graduates from recognised universities and tertiary educational institutions, who had subsequently gained two years of relevant work experience and passed the examination given by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects," Sze says.

With a similar length of work experience, applicants who graduated from a recognised institution and can interpret architectural drawings for statutory submission, and do other design-related work, can find employment with Aedas as CAD (computer-aided design) draughtsmen. They have to be up-to-date with relevant computer softwares and technologies.

Sze says there is no fixed number of draughtsmen that the company needs. It would depend on Aedas' projects and work in hand. Those who want to get into business can also join Aedas as business development co-ordinators.

In a creative and team-based environment, well-rounded candidates will be appreciated and given many career development opportunities. Aedas offers in-house training that will equip them with the skills needed for their challenging job. They will also be updated with the latest technology and knowledge related to their work.

Aside from giving its staff professional development opportunities, the company provides a healthy and inspiring work environment and encourages them to be involved in the community. 

Wilson Wong, a senior architect who has been with Aedas for four years, says that he likes his chosen profession, although deadlines can sometimes be stressful.

He adds that he appreciates the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in building large-scale projects. "I like the vibrant office environment," Wong says. "I find it very enjoyable and rewarding to discuss ideas with my team and work with them to achieve our goals."

Solid career foundations  

  • Architecture is a good career option in the next five years with plenty of opportunities in Hong Kong, the mainland and Southeast Asia.
  • There is a strong demand for general architects, interior designers and landscape architects.
  • Candidates should be proficient in CAD, with at least two years' work experience and have passed the examination given by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.


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