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Ante up to meet global challenges

Published on Thursday, 14 Jul 2011

Master of Science in Financial Services
City University

In order to meet new challenges in the global financial market, the City University of Hong Kong has restructured its Master of Science in Banking to Master of Science in Financial Services with more comprehensive and all-round training for financial executives. The new programme will be offered in the 2011-2012 academic year.

"The new programme attempts to strike a balance between the major aspects of modern financial services, including banking, investment, asset management and insurance," says programme leader Dr Humphrey Tung. "For instance, new courses such as 'Corporate Risk Management Policies' and 'Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Services' are included to prepare students for essential insurance knowledge, while 'Advanced Personal Finance' offers solid training in personal financial planning and management, which are basic requisites for client-oriented positions in banks, insurance, and assets management companies."

There is a growing demand for financial executives who are well-versed in banking, insurance and investment, he adds.

"With 150 commercial and investment banks and 90 insurance companies, and a major listing bourse for companies from the mainland and other foreign companies in recent years, Hong Kong certainly needs well-rounded financial executives," Tung says.

Students can expect more than classroom learning as the programme offers a variety of activities for them to get hands-on experience. "We attach great importance to practical aspects of modern financial services," Tung says.

"A salient feature of the programme is to have a year-long professional seminar series presented by veteran financial industry practitioners. This not only helps students keep abreast of the latest developments in financial markets and the best industry practice, but also provides a forum in which students can interact with industry leaders. Students are also encouraged to explore various internship opportunities to enrich their learning experience," he adds.

The programme is ideal for individuals who would like to pursue a career in financial services, including banking, investment and insurance services, and market practitioners who aspire to be competent executives in the financial industry.

"We welcome professionals from banking, insurance and finance who want to advance their knowledge and skill sets. The rigorous in-class learning, practical professional seminars, and internship opportunities are essential to prepare students for the dynamic field of financial services," Tung says.

The programme admits around 30 students every year. They can study full-time for a year or part-time for two years. Classes are on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from a recognised university and preferably possess two to four years of experience in banking or finance. 

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