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Any chance of becoming an in-house legal adviser?

Question :

I just finished my LLB and would like to be an in-house legal adviser in the end of the day. I have no legal experience, should I apply the job of paralegal or legal assistant? But I'm 39 now, is it too old to start at a legal assistant? What other qualification should I have?


Posted by Ivy on Friday, 10 Aug 2012

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Posted Friday 29th March 2013 10:42:00 PM


in house lawyer requires big law firm experience

Christopher Aukland - Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 12th September 2012 08:05:00 PM


It’s never too late to begin your career journey; however the legal profession is intensely competitive in Hong Kong. Generally speaking, to gain a position as an in-house legal adviser you would need to become a qualified lawyer. To become admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong, you would need to be a law degree holder (LLB or JD), complete the PCLL and then a two year training contract with a law firm. Typically speaking you also need to graduate with a 2.1 law degree to get into a PCLL program. Without obtaining the PCLL qualification, you can consider being a paralegal working in-house and job titles could vary from paralegal / legal assistant / legal executive or even legal manager, depending on your level of seniority. Age is not the most critical factor as relevant legal experience is more important and a role as a paralegal or legal assistant position is the easiest way to gain this experience. Options would be to either work in a law firm or in an in-house role, though generally, law firms are more open to less experienced candidates. Alternatively we have also seen candidates working as a legal secretary / PA in an in-house environment or law firm, then gradually moving into a paralegal role, although this is highly dependent on the individual candidate’s drive to become a paralegal and the quality of work delivered to his/her superiors. Best of luck!


Posted Tuesday 21st August 2012 04:15:00 AM


Go for PCLL (in Hong Kong, if you are from HK)/a legal qualification in any jurisdiction if possible. If not, try paralegal. Did you have a previous career? Maybe you can be a legal assistance/paralegal/advisor in the same field? That would give you advantage over the others.

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