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Balancing work, life and responsibility

ATAL has invested substantial resources to encourage employee work-life balance and fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR). Poon believes staff engagement activities and CSR events promote a sense of belonging among employees and build team spirit. “They also make our employees feel that they are part of the local community.”

Major staff engagement activities include annual dinners, wellness training events, interest classes, and inter-departmental competitions featuring football, badminton and bowling. These activities are organised to cultivate a harmonious relationship between staff members and encourage work-life balance.

ATAL’s CSR initiatives include sponsorship of universities and the VTC, and volunteer activities in Hong Kong and mainland China. Recently, the company’s employees took part in the 2015 SHKP Vertical Run for Charity and won the second runner-up prize. The company was also recognised as the second highest fundraising corporation in the 2016 Community Chest Corporate Challenge.