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Be committed and serve your clients well

Published on Thursday, 01 Dec 2011
Marco Au Hon-lung
Photo: Edward Wong

Management executive Marco Au Hon-lung joined the workforce when he was 18. But later on, he decided to further his qualifications by obtaining a degree. After graduating, he worked as a customer engineer before his cousin, employed by AXA, introduced him to his current career as a financial adviser. Au talks with Wong Yat-hei

What is your academic background?
I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University, majoring in business and management.

How do you start your day?
I meet with my manager to discuss the latest market and product trends. Then I prepare for client meetings. There are is a lot to do, and I am lucky that the company has a sophisticated computer system to help us effectively organise our schedule, meeting minutes and client information.       

What does your job entail?
I develop tailor-made financial solutions to meet the needs of clients at different life stages.

What major challenges have you faced? 
The biggest challenge I have faced has been to be professional, determined and committed at all times, and to meet my sales targets. I keep on learning new things and taking on new challenges every day. On one occasion, my manager and I had agreed on a slightly higher target, as he wanted me to achieve more. Frankly, I was hesitant about the high target, but with the support and guidance of my colleagues and manager, I was able to meet my target, and earned me the opportunity to lunch with the CEO.         

What have you learned about your chosen career and what are your plans?
Quality of service is the most important element. My clients come to me because they have a specific financial goal that they want to achieve. What we are providing is not just a financial product or a proposal, but a long-term commitment to ensure that our clients’ financial goals are met and that their wealth is properly managed and protected. My short-term goal is to expand my social circle, so that I can get to know more people from different backgrounds. My long-term goal is to be promoted to manager, and lead my own team. 

Any advice for those who want to enter the insurance industry?
Every industry has its challenges and obstacles. What I love about insurance is the   possibilities it offers. The input and output relationship is clear. If you work hard, you will see results.

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