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Be part of the FinTech trend and explore new horizons

FinTech is no longer just a disruptive trend, but is now an emerging industry with exciting prospects. In fact, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority recently granted four virtual banking licences, so it is not surprising that fresh graduates are keen to join what is sure to be one of the most dynamic growth industries. Now, those hoping to build a career in FinTech have the opportunity to join a company that is at the forefront of this industry.

HKT Financial Services, the FinTech arm of the HKT Group, is inviting young talents to apply for several highly coveted places in its graduate trainee programme. The successful candidates are guaranteed insights and experiences that will pave the way to an interesting and exciting career.

The HKT Group is widely recognised as a leader in the telecommunications and technology. The Group’s vision has always been to enrich lives through technology and innovations. As financial services is a key part of daily life, the Group leveraged on its core strengths and technical expertise to extend into the financial sector and deliver innovative FinTech solutions that streamline financial transactions and enhance convenience for consumers and merchants alike.

“HKT’s strategy is to build a digital ecosystem that provides an integrated platform for consumers and enterprises,” says Monita Leung, Head of HKT Financial Services. “The extension into financial services not only strengthens the relationship with our existing customers, it also provides a channel for greater financial inclusion and for engaging with new customers, particularly the younger, digitally savvy market segment.”

HKT Financial Services provides a wide range of services including mobile payments, merchant services, O2O solutions and insurance.

For consumers, HKT Financial Services has developed Tap & Go, a digital mobile wallet that is the first of its kind in the local market. It operates with the Mastercard and UnionPay networks to enable mobile payments worldwide and online. A prepaid mode also allows users to have full control over their spending. Other features include instant top-up and cross-platform P2P transfers via Faster Payment System (FPS) launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

On the merchant side, HKT Merchant Services offers a full range of digital payment solutions. These include the all-in-one Smart POS, POS App, O2O Solution App, and online and static QR code.

These solutions meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, helping merchants in their digital transformation as well as boosting operational efficiency. Fully integrated with FPS, these one-stop retail and payment solutions usher merchants to enter into a new era of digital payment and to go for cashless transactions.

HKT Care is another service offering under HKT Financial Services. It provides customers with an array of general and life insurance plans, such as medical plans, home coverage, travel protection and more. This comprehensive range of insurance plans fulfils the varying needs of customers in different stages of their lives.

With the breadth of businesses at HKT Financial Services, graduate trainees can tap into tremendous opportunity for growth. The graduate trainee programme offers broad exposure and the freedom to explore various career options. During the 18-month programme, graduate trainees will gain hands-on experience and opportunities to work on cutting-edge developments in FinTech.

“The company is dedicated to grooming high-flyers with the potential to become future business leaders. We are offering talented young people the opportunities to make their mark and expand their horizons.” said Leung.

Graduate trainees will be on a series of rotations, during which they can learn about product development and management, insurance, partnerships and business development, marketing and channel management. They will also become familiar with other key areas like branding and communications, business operations, and risk management.

Another major benefit of the programme is that all trainees can master the soft skills they need to make the most of their talents. “The soft skills they learn will be as important as the hard skills,” said Leung. “Graduate trainees will learn leadership skills, standard business practices, product and services know-how, stakeholder management, and the skills to be an effective influencer and communicator.”

Graduate trainees will also work closely with experienced professionals in banking, insurance, telecommunications and FinTech. This allows them to start building their own network of connections, which will prove invaluable as their careers advance.  

To ensure graduate trainees fully realise their potential during the programme, regular reviews, coaching and mentoring sessions will be conducted periodically with senior executives. As a result, graduate trainees who complete the programme will gain the knowledge, experience and interpersonal skills to take on future challenges with confidence and move up the career ladder.

“Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates can join one of our teams, where they will continue learning before moving into a more senior, specialised role,” Leung says. “This is a great career path for professionals in the financial services field.”

To join the programme, candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, accounting and finance, risk management, or a related discipline. Candidates should also be able to show business acumen, analytical skills, and be self-motivated and innovative. It is also important to be a team player, with good communication skills plus a high level of written and spoken English and Chinese.

“This programme will not only give successful candidates a head start in building a career with a dynamic, inclusive and ground-breaking company. The passionate minds that join us will bring in dynamic new ideas, which will help shape the world of tomorrow. That’s something we can all look forward to,” said Monita Leung, Head of HKT Financial Services.


Stored Value Facilities Licence Number of HKT Payment Limited (Tap & Go): SVF0002

Registration number of HKT Financial Services (IA) Limited (HKT Care): 17975461