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Big demand for graduates

Published on Thursday, 09 Jun 2011

Most companies have increased their headcount in 2011. There is a significant amount of IT sales roles in the market, especially front-line sales, mainly within the commercial and government sectors. The majority of hires are from mid-range to senior management.

Despite the seasonal blip in April, the increased volume of sales roles is largely attributable to the strong economic climate in Asia. Organisations are willing to invest more resources in the region as they are downsizing their Europe and US businesses due to slower economic growth in those markets. We have observed these hiring trends for some time now and we expect them to continue throughout 2011.

Due to talent shortage, companies are starting to build their own graduate recruitment programmes with a long-term view of developing strong future leaders. We have seen this strategy adopted in many mid-sized to large firms.

In terms of salary trends, we see the average salaries for mid-level to senior roles increasing by 10 per cent to 20 per cent year on year.

This is largely due to a shortage of suitable candidates. Furthermore, they have high salary expectations and this trend will continue until Asia becomes less of a focal point for growth.

Hilly Dannaoui, manager - sales and marketing division, Robert Walters Hong Kong

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