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In a bind over youth attitude


The printing industry is facing a major problem - young people do not find it attractive and tend to be unwilling to enter it. Those who operate printing machines are already well over 40. Hiring young people for this kind of work is hard nowadays. Youngsters generally have the erroneous idea that printing is a filthy industry and that working conditions are far from satisfactory.

One obstacle to young people entering the industry is their own parents. By arranging visits to printing factories, the industry has been working hard to convince parents that it is not as dirty as they imagine.

Modern technology has had a great impact on the industry - fortunately, a beneficial one. For example, it has enabled the industry to ponder how to make good use of modern technology to beautify its products.

The industry in Hong Kong is also facing intense competition from neighbouring Asian economies such as Vietnam and Thailand. Luckily, however, it is able to maintain the quality of its products. The industry can, therefore, still withstand such competition.

Tom Sit, managing director, Compose System, and Dicky Choy, first vicechairman, Graphic Arts Association of HK
As told to Chiu Po-sze