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Boosting your educational achievements

Published on Thursday, 26 May 2011

Undergoing postgraduate study, engaging in professional training opportunities, speaking with industry professionals and developing transferable skills are some of the ways that you can boost your educational achievements and fast track your career.

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study is one way to extend your level of education as a means of career advancement. Further tertiary study will enhance your knowledge beyond the skills you learn about at work and potentially open your eyes to new career opportunities. However, considering the financial and time commitment needed, your potential areas of study must be selected to provide a competitive edge and be aligned with your longer term career goals.
Training opportunities

There are other options available if you are not in a position to undertake further postgraduate study. You can attend seminars, workshops and short courses to improve your skills and update your knowledge. Webinars and online training programs allow you to study at your own pace if you cannot commit to scheduled after hours training sessions.

Speak with professionals

You can also build on your current skills and knowledge through less formal means of education. Networking provides fresh ideas and new information that will complement your academic study, so be sure to attend as many professional networking events as possible. Another option is to find an experienced colleague within your workplace who is willing to act as a mentor. They will be able to give you practical career advice and identify the knowledge and skills you need to further develop for career progression.

Develop practical skills

Aside from the academic, you can boost your educational achievements by developing a range of ‘soft skills’ in your workplace, even if you are doing work experience or an internship. Teamwork, communication, problem solving, negotiation and presentation skills are all important requirements for a successful corporate career. Volunteer for work projects that will assist you in developing these soft skills because they will be a valuable addition to your academic qualifications.

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