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Brave new course for Kellett

About 75 openings for teachers, teaching assistants, administrative and ancillary workers
Kellett School Kowloon Bay campus

With the opening of its new campus this autumn, Kellett School will expand the number of its classes and will be recruiting teachers as well as support workers such as teaching assistants, administrative and ancillary staff.

The British international school’s new campus will open in Kowloon Bay and will house Kellett’s secondary school section. In addition, it will also provide much-needed additional primary school places. “This will allow us to be a complete through-train school from reception to Year 13,” says Kellett’s principal, Ann McDonald.

Currently, the school has 145 staff members, including teaching and support employees. This will increase to around 220 staff when the Kowloon Bay campus is fully operational.

Teaching positions are usually advertised locally and internationally. While the school is focusing on finalising recruitment for the coming academic year, efforts will soon shift to recruiting for next year.

“We will be recruiting about 30 extra teaching staff, from early years and primary stage to secondary in most subjects,” says McDonald. “There will also be a need for additional support staff such as teaching assistants, administration and ancillary workers, who will be recruited in mid-2013.”

The school, founded 30 years ago, aims to promote a love of learning and confidence for life and is keen to hire teaching staff who support this aim. “We are seeking colleagues committed
to excellence, sharing our commitment to providing the highest quality British and internationally relevant curriculum for our enthusiastic and highly motivated students,” says McDonald.

The job requires social maturity, resilience, good collaboration skills and teamwork, she adds. New hires undergo a programme introducing them to Kellett and Hong Kong in general.  Further professional development and career progression opportunities are provided. As a member of the Federation of British International Schools in Southeast Asia and East Asia, Kellett offers access to networking and continuing professional development in 37 schools.

McDonald says Kellett has attained the reputation of being one of Hong Kong’s leading independent, not-for-profit international schools.

“Kellett invests in staff to ensure they are outstanding teachers and educational leaders,” she says. “Working at Kellett is professionally rewarding, offering challenge, opportunity and responsibility. Successful candidates will join a dynamic team of enthusiastic and dedicated colleagues.”

Kellett’s employment package includes a relocation allowance, a medical scheme and a 22 per cent end-of-contract gratuity.