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Camera360 Launches Revolutionary Photo Editor 'MIX'

Award Winning Developer Redefines the Creation and Use of Filters in Mobile Photography

CHENGDU, China, August 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The global tech pioneer Camera360 has launched a new app called 'MIX by Camera360' on the Android platform.

On the surface, MIX is a photo editor designed specifically for Instagram with plenty of textures and adjustment tools. However, the unique feature of MIX, which lets users design and save their own editing experience, leaves much room for imagination.

The idea behind MIX is to empower users' creative nature by giving them the means to design their own filters and save their editing experience for future use. MIX by Camera360 hopes to remove the limitations of presets in mobile photo editing and ultimately enable users to not only create but exchange filters, effectively starting a new classification of user generated mobile content.

The concept of MIX, according to Camera360's CEO Xu Hao, came from Camera360's own users. Camera360 already has a global user base close to 300 million, many of whom often share photos taken with Camera360 to Instagram. A search for Instagram hashtag #Camera360 shows a robust community of creative mobile photographers sharing photos with stunning filters. "Why not give the creative power to the people? That is the essence of MIX," says Xu Hao.

MIX is Camera360's first step in creating an ecosystem surrounding mobile visual content. Previously people would use Camera360 to take and edit photos. "Now we hope to build solutions and services to the evolving needs of the mobile community surrounding the creation, distribution and consumption of visual content," says Camera360's CEO Xu Hao.

Packed with close to 200 filters, textures and professional adjustment tools, MIX gives the user all the tools necessary to create either simple or complex photo filters. With a simple UI and non-linear and non-destructive workflow, users have complete editing control and can save their editing experience at any point in time.

MIX is available for download on Google Play. Release of iOS version is planned in near future.


About Camera360

Camera360 is a technology and art company building an ecosystem of digital tools, services for the creative community worldwide to capture, compose and share beautiful moments of their lives.

Camera360 is backed by SIG China, Gobi Partners, and Matrix Partners China.


Source: Camera360