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Candidates given a platform to impress

A 30-second pitch about oneself and a memorable remark at the end of a conversation with recruiters will help job-seekers stand out at the upcoming "Job Speed Dating" event, says organiser Stanley Suen, director of Recruitment Services at the South China Morning Post.

"Job-seekers should try their best to differentiate themselves from other candidates at the event," Suen says.

"Job Speed Dating" will be held on May 26 to connect job-seekers with recruiters from renowned companies (see list on the right). It breaks with conventional job searches by offering job-seekers a chance to meet recruiters directly without having to submit a resume to them in advance.

Suen says participants should take the initiative to speak to company representatives and prepare a 30-second pitch to introduce themselves.

"This requires preparation and rehearsal," he says. "But doing it well will earn you the chance to carry on the conversation."

Leaving a memorable remark at the end of the conversation will also help impress the recruiter. The remark can be a well-crafted joke or a catch line, Suen says, but should not go overboard in tone or content.

Bonnie Lai, human resources manager at Centaline, one of the featured companies, says job-seekers should find out about the firms and prepare questions for recruiters. "It's also important for them to mind their appearance and be polite," she adds.

Centaline is looking for licensed estate agents and sales persons, and sales trainees. Lai says those who are interested in joining the company as sales trainees should be Form Five graduates and at least 18 years of age. The company will provide training for them to obtain the required licenses.

She says Centaline looks for candidates who are passionate about the real estate business. "They need to be able to take challenges and try as hard as they can in finding clients. They should have a high EQ [emotional quotient] and be optimistic in nature to deal with the frustrations they may face in selling a property."

Jasmine Tang, director of human resources for Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), is looking to fill 20 to 30 sales and marketing positions at the "Job Speed Dating" event. She expects the event to attract high-calibre candidates.

"We are interested in people who have a `customer first' mindset, are energetic, achievement-oriented and who can communicate well," Tang says. "We look at academic credentials and past performance, but the main thing is to find candidates who are keen to learn and will fit in with our corporate philosophy."

Calvin Tsui, assistant director for human resources at the SCMP, says the company is hiring for sales roles, from telesales and circulation sales to account managers. She looks for candidates with some media exposure, who are aggressive and have cultivated a good network.

She advises job-seekers to dress business-casual on the day and find out in advance how their personalities and experience may fit with the roles they are interested in.


Exclusive recruiters

  • Centaline
  • Esprit
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Microware
  • PCCW
  • South China Morning Post

Onsite career adviser

  • Gemini

Job Speed Dating

Date May 26

Time 6pm-8pm

Venue Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce


Application deadline May 24