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Career Forum Apr 2016: Shadow a CEO Programme – See how to be a leader in luxury and lifestyle with Kering’s Carlo Imò

Published on Thursday, 31 Mar 2016
Carlo Imò, president, Kering Asia Pacific. (Photo: Kering)

Five top executives will be taking part in the latest iteration of Classified Post’s Shadow a CEO Programme. Find out more about Carlo Imò, president, Kering Asia Pacific and what he has planned for his shadows below.

What does Kering do and what major brands do you carry?

Kering designs, manufactures and markets desirable apparel and accessories products in more than 100 countries. We have developed an ensemble of 20 prestigious brands, including Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Puma.

What do you hope your shadows will get out of the experience?

Throughout the three days, we hope the participants will gain exposure to our industry and understand our daily operations through office tours, store visits and orientation. We will also try to arrange high-level meetings with both internal and external parties so that participants will understand my role and work, and get a glimpse of how I communicate with key stakeholders. Exclusive lunch talks with our managers are also on our proposed itinerary.

What leadership skills or lessons are you hoping to impart?

At Kering, we believe we can, and should, all be leaders, whatever our role and our position in the organisation.

The “Kering Leadership Model” (KLM) has four themes. The first is to create with a vision. We are audacious and creative, not afraid to think outside the box and take risks to create value. We have a strong sense of purpose and quickly turn good ideas into practical and sound action plans.

The second is to drive and deliver. We have the passion to turn our vision into reality. We relentlessly focus on priorities and pursue them until we reach, or exceed, our objectives.

Third, engage with all. Teamwork is key to our success and we share our passion openly, internally and externally, because inspiration is contagious.

The final theme is to build from heritage to legacy. We take balanced decisions, good for today and tomorrow. Building strong relationships and developing people are at the heart of our legacy.

At times, and in different contexts, one theme may seem more important than another. Instead of trying to focus on all the themes, all of the time, we need to find the right balance between them for each situation. We believe this ability to find the right balance is what makes us unique.

What skills and experience are you looking for from applicants? What will really impress you?

Our performance management, recruitment, talent identification and staff development are based on the KLM competencies, so candidates who are able to display skills and abilities linked to the four themes of our leadership model are in with a good chance.

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