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Career Forum: Company Tours offer a look behind the scenes

Published on Friday, 06 Mar 2015
The K11 Art Mall is dedicated to making interaction with art a part of life.
Photos: K11 Concepts
Microsoft’s company tour will highlight how to develop a career in IT.
Photos: Microsoft HK

Career Forum’s new programme gives on-the-ground insight into Microsoft Hong Kong and K11 Concepts

While internet search engines and glossy brochures make it easy to gather information about companies and their activities, participants who join one of the forum’s two “Company Tours” will discover first-hand what really makes these businesses function, the skills they require and the types of people they employ.

Featured as part of the Career Forum for the first time, the two tours are being offered by Microsoft Hong Kong and K11 Concepts, a part of New World Development. To qualify, forum attendees need to collect at least five stamps – given when they talk to different exhibiting employers – and submit them on a card for entry into a raffle.

Becky Lo, education lead at Microsoft Hong Kong, says 40 raffle winners will get the chance to visit Microsoft’s operations on April 10 to receive an overview of the company and get a close look at its technology showcase. They will also be given a brief introduction outlining the company’s marketing strategies.

“Participants will learn about current trends in the world of IT and the technical and personal skills they need to develop a career in the IT industry,” Lo says.

She adds that tour guests will meet various executives, including the national technology officer and the senior HR manager. The former is responsible for driving citizenship programmes, corporate PR initiatives and brand awareness, and will provide an overall picture of trends in the IT industry. The HR manager will outline the different job roles and skill sets Microsoft looks for, how applicants can arrange interviews, and the type of career opportunities Microsoft is offering.

Lo says that by learning about Microsoft’s talent expectations and its functions, and through talking to managers and staff, tour guests will be in a stronger position to develop a career in IT. She suggests that prior to the tour, participants carry out some brief research on Microsoft’s background and prepare questions for the managers they will meet.

“Being prepared means participants will gain more from the tour, and our managers will be able to fully utilise their time,” she says.

On April 17, 24 raffle winners will get to discover some of the unique features and business ideas offered by K11 Concepts, the operator of the K11 Art Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui. The objective of the two-hour tour is to introduce K11’s revolutionary museum retail concept and hybrid model of art and commerce.

Participants will visit the K11 main office for an overview of New World Development, before moving on to the K11 Art Mall for a guided visit. They will be introduced to K11’s business model and company culture, while learning about various departments and job functions and picking up interview tips.

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