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Career Forum Oct 2015: Building success stories

Published on Thursday, 29 Oct 2015
Bella Chhoa Company Secretary, General Counsel and Assistant Director - Corporate Affairs, Hang Lung Property (Photo: Hang Lung Property)

Graduates who make it onto Hang Lung Property’s “We Do It Right” Management Trainee Programme 2016 will be exposed to abundant learning opportunities and gain all-round exposure to company operations and on-the-job training in various functions, says Bella Chhoa, company secretary, general counsel and assistant director of corporate affairs.

At the forum, Chhoa will lead a seminar session about the programme, which aims to unleash trainees’ potential and develop them into future leaders of Hang Lung. A customised training curriculum has been established to sharpen the skills and business acumen of trainees. “Senior management will mentor trainees to offer strong guidance to facilitate their growth and learning.”

Trainees at Hang Lung will have the unique opportunity to take on responsibilities within different business units in Hong Kong and mainland China. “This lays a solid foundation for trainees to develop their management skills and strategic thinking and at the same time accelerate their professional development for a successful career at Hang Lung,” Chhoa says, adding that a new investment property in Dalian, retail hub Olympia 66, begins operating before the end of the year. 

Trainees will also participate in projects such as the company’s integrity and sustainability campaigns. “Cultivating a culture of integrity and sustainability is an everyday practice of the company. Hang Lung regards integrity and sustainability as our core values, so it is important for all trainees to understand our corporate culture,” Chhoa says. To this end, the programme also covers areas like business etiquette and professional grooming.

Previous graduates of the programme have secured high-profile positions at the company, such as Carmen Law, project manager for the property sales department, who entered the programme in 2006. With a BSc in biomedical engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, Law’s journey with the company began in investor relations. She then began working in project construction on Riverside 66, an upscale mall in Tianjin, before taking up her current role in sales. 

Another success story is May Lam, a 2007 graduate who is currently an HR manager at the company. With a bachelor of education from the University of Hong Kong, Lam worked her way up from officer to senior officer, and then assistant manager, before taking up her current post.

Chhoa believes that recruiting the right trainees is crucial to maintaining the company’s competitive edge. “Hang Lung’s success depends on the calibre of our people. Management trainees who are talented individuals are important to our business so that a steady stream of future leaders is developed and nurtured for the company.”

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