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Career Forum Oct 2016: Make digital dreams come true at NDN

Published on Thursday, 06 Oct 2016
Andy Ann. Photo: NDN


Founder and CEO

NDN Group


What does your business do?

NDN Group creates online-to-offline experiences, cutting-edge solutions and memorable touch points for multiple sectors. Our core expertise is in big data, digital, mobile, social media, digital advertising, e-commerce, marketing communications, content development and distribution.


What major brands are associated with your company?

NDN Group serves around 460 brands and agencies a year. From global Fortune 500 companies to SMEs, universities, government and NGOs, we offer full-scale and one-stop-shop digital solutions.


What activities do you have planned for your shadows?

I have planned a series of activities, starting with an introduction to my “growth hack” team that will help them understand how mega-trends in digital, mobile, social media and big data affect business growth.

They will also meet my big data analytics team and see how to use big data to help companies make better decisions and plan better strategies.

Lastly, they will meet some of our business partners and customers and get to see a real-life pitch and presentation.


What do you hope your shadows will get out of the experience?

They will see digital transformation in action, and how we are developing strategies and road maps to improve traditional businesses with cutting-edge digital technologies. They will get to know more about how digital is enabling sales revenue growth, how mobile is driving business agility, how social media is transforming business operations and how big data helps businesses innovate.


What leadership skills or lessons are you hoping to impart?

My shadows will get a sense of our company culture – we work in a collaborative environment with a leadership driven by young people rather than top management. We value innovative individuals who speak out and those with an entrepreneurial spirit.


What skills and experience are you looking for from applicants?

We look for candidates with high energy and a passion for the digital era. Skills and experience are secondary – we look for people who express themselves and make bold statements. We believe that everyone should learn from mistakes, fail quickly and avoid repeating errors. We would be really impressed if the candidate asks quality questions.


What is the job market like for graduates in your industry?

The job market is hot in the digital space, as all corporates, SMEs, NGOs, government and others are looking for digital talent. I think the industry will continue to boom for the next decade and making the choice to join companies like ours will offer a bright future. The supply of talent is limited and we look forward to seeing more young candidates joining the digital industry.

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