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Career Forum Oct 2016: New police recruits can help make HK one of the safest cities in the world

Published on Thursday, 06 Oct 2016
The Hong Kong Police Force is hunting down skilled recruits with the determination to succeed. Photo: HK Police

The Hong Kong Police Force will be on the lookout for high-calibre candidates at the Career Forum to join them as police inspectors, police constables and auxiliary police constables.

Sufficient preparation is the key to success in the selection process for each of these roles, says Kwok Chi-hou, chief inspector of police, recruitment division.

“We expect applicants to regularly read the newspapers to broaden their horizons and enhance their critical thinking,” Kwok says. “They should also maintain their fitness, because police work is physically demanding.”

Applicants will be critically assessed on their personality and values, sense of responsibility, and motivation. Their communication ability, judgement, confidence, leadership potential, general knowledge and physical fitness will also come under scrutiny.

Training for new recruits covers communication skills, laws, police procedures, firearms and tactics training, and physical training, with more focus on leadership and management skills for police inspectors.

Newly recruited inspectors and constables undergo structured career development to ensure they acquire the skills necessary for uniformed branch operations during their foundation years. They will receive training in a selection of roles, and also join special formations including the Special Duty Unit, Police Tactical Unit, the Commercial Crime Bureau and marine operations.

“To maintain high levels of commitment and motivation,  the force provides flexibility for employees to switch between postings at any stage,” Kwok says.

The force has also launched a mentorship programme to inspire high-calibre students. “Through direct contact with police mentors, and events such as job attachments during summer holidays, we hope that undergraduates can gain more understanding about the work we do,” Kwok says.

Students considering a career in the police force not only need to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the challenges that lie ahead, but also have a clear goal in terms of their career.

“Police work is challenging, physically demanding but rewarding – and with preparation and determination, you can succeed,” Kwok says. “By joining hands with the public, we hope to maintain Hong Kong as one of the safest and most stable societies in the world. Being a police officer is more than just a job. We serve and protect our community.”

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