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Career Forum Oct 2016: Primed for young banking talent

Published on Thursday, 06 Oct 2016
Payal Ray

Attendees keen to join the ranks of BNP Paribas will be able to find out about the bank’s 2017 Asia Pacific Graduate Programme and summer internship opportunities across the region at the Career Forum.

The international bank’s graduate programme is viewed as a top-tier talent pipeline to develop dynamic young leaders internally within BNP Paribas, says Payal Ray, APAC head of graduate recruitment and talent development.

“Our learning and development campus in Singapore is specifically geared towards training and developing leaders in Asia Pacific,” Ray says. “Graduates are put through an extensive training curriculum covering both financial and behaviour skill development to groom them into emerging leaders.”

The two-year programme is modularly structured, with on- and off-the-job learning and development measures to equip graduates with the technical skills and competencies needed to embark on a successful banking career.

It kicks off with the Asia Pacific Graduate Academy, where young talents are immersed in financial and leadership training to extend their understanding of the bank. At the one-year mark, the “Graduate Pitstop” brings participants together for further development on areas such as their leadership capabilities and teamwork.

“At the end of programme, graduates reflect on their journey and what they have learnt, and consider the skills they will need to develop for the next phase of their career,” Ray explains. “Graduates are also involved in a structured mentoring initiative, job rotation and a business transversal project during the course of the two-year programme.”

The bank’s summer internship programme, meanwhile, generally spans 10 weeks. During this time, interns receive training in financial and personal development, and also have the opportunity to meet with senior management during speaker sessions to find out more about the various business lines across BNP Paribas.

To be accepted onto the Graduate Programme or secure an internship, applicants need to think about how they can add value at the bank.

“Apart from meeting our minimum application requirements, we seek individuals who value learning, teamwork, possess integrity and want to develop the confidence and business knowledge to act decisively under pressure,” Ray says.

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