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Career Forum Oct 2016: Shine up your service skills with SmarTone

Published on Thursday, 06 Oct 2016





What does your business do?

SmarTone is a telecommunications company with operating subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Macau. We provide voice, mobile broadband, and fixed fibre broadband services for the consumer and corporate markets. Our goal is to delight our customers with outstanding network experience and thoughtful customer care.




What major products are associated with your company?

We offer mobile service plans that address the needs of different segments, from families to youths, travellers to data lovers. To cater to the busy lifestyle of customers for which online has become the preferred platform for brand interaction, we are enhancing our online capabilities to serve them better.

In addition to SmarTone’s renowned customer service, we also care for our customers’ privacy and security on their mobile with services like Call Guard and ST Protect. To save our customers from the inconvenience of running out of battery, we offer free powerbank rental at all of our stores. We also look after customers’ home broadband needs with our high capacity, ultra fast ST fibre broadband.

SmarTone is also a leader in the enterprise market by offering a full suite of telecom services, cloud and application solutions that serve the diverse needs of different businesses.

With in-depth industry expertise, our team of experienced consultants and account managers offer the latest and most relevant enterprise solutions to maximise possibilities and elevate business performance for the Hong Kong enterprises.


What activities do you have planned for your shadows?

We will start by giving them an overview of the company culture and structure and imparting an understanding of how we provide our customer experience.

They will also get the chance to observe a media interview, pay a visit to stores and sales booths with me to meet the frontline staff, and visit the engineering and operations division to learn how we build and maintain a stable network.


What do you hope your shadows will get out of the experience?

They should gain some understanding of the mobile industry and the importance of providing great customer experience through good frontline staff.


What leadership skills or lessons are you hoping to impart?

We hope they will learn about effective communication and influencing skills to get the job done by delegating to others.


What skills and experience are you looking for from applicants?

Good communication skills with front-end working experience will stand out. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic and curious.


What is the job market like for graduates in your industry?

There are good opportunities for graduates who are service-oriented and always seek for self improvement.

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