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Question :

I am seeking help with job hunting.  I have been with the same company for 13 years.  4 years full time, took a 3 year leave to start a family, 6 1/2 years part time and the last 2 years full time.  I have a BBA.  My job functions have been an array of administrative, pricing management and sales administrative. I have been involved in GSA administration too.  They know my work ethic here so I think they are always trying to find more and more stuff for me to do so I'm kind of the jack of all trade.  I want to find a career, not just a job.  I'm interested in executive administration, pricing, GSA administration and possibly sales.

Posted by TC on Friday, 05 Apr 2013

Comments :

Debbie Matson - Career Doctor

Posted Thursday 18th April 2013 06:36:00 PM


Dear TC It sounds like you have successfully managed to balance work and family life. A great achievement! I assume that you are a valued employee as the company has been flexible, offering full time, part time and leave as options, as well as increased responsibilities. My immediate question would be to ask if you have shared your interest with your employer? Is your employer aware of your desire to take on a more focused and responsible position? Your company already knows and trusts you and could be ready to help you to build your career. I would suggest that you not neglect this option as part of your search. To kick start your job hunt, it would help to understand a little bit more about how you define career. Do you feel that career will require a focus on only one area? As a self-described “jack of all trades” what do you do that interests you most? What motivates you? Is it salary, responsibility, title, the role itself? Is there a role that you would like to explore? Ideally you should try and network with a person in that position. Get a sense about what makes them successful and how they managed their career path. You may want to spend some time assessing your personal skill set. What has made you successful so far? Are you comfortable in new environments? Do you like meeting new people and are you open to a position that requires you to meet targets? You mention administration or sales as possibilities. They are very different areas and require you to bring out very different personal skills. As you look at possible directions and your personal skill set, take a hard look at your CV. Make sure that it communicates the message you want. If the current job looks too broad and you are trying to focus on one sector, think about how to summarize your experiences and achievements to bring out certain themes. Highlight some of the challenges you faced and successful outcomes or achievements. If you are looking at a sales role, your CV should include revenue goals achieved or other financial goals met. An option for you may be to return to the idea of temporary or contract work. If a goal is to try a new industry or role, a contract position may be an ideal first effort. You could gain experience and contacts and if it isn’t right, there will be a defined end date. Good luck as you move into this next phase in your work life.

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