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Charity has a New Beat: Prudence Foundation Teams Up with Rock Singer Arnel Pineda for Typhoon Haiyan Recovery Efforts

Giving help and donating has never sounded this good.

HONG KONG, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Prudence Foundation, the regional charitable arm of Prudential Corporation Asia (Prudential), has launched a new episode of the popular financial literacy animation Cha-Ching and a new version of its "Charity" song to raise funds for the Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief and recovery effort. The foundation has joined hands with renowned Filipino singer and American rock band Journey frontman, Arnel Pineda, who lends his soaring rock vocals to this innovative fund-raising initiative.

The new Charity song is featured in a three-minute music video with all new animation sequences featuring the relief efforts following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. The music video aims to introduce children to real-life situations in which the money-smart value of donating may be practised. Pineda also appears in the new music video as an animated character.

The co-creator of Cha-Ching, Prudential's Regional Director Sean Rach, said the choice to collaborate with Pineda on this new Charity duet was a natural one. "We are Arnel and Journey fans. With his personal and the band's commitments to help following Typhoon Haiyan, we shared the aspiration to give back to those in need. His voice is incredible and we are very honoured that he agreed to donate his time and talent."

Starting today, the Cha-Ching Charity music video featuring Pineda can be viewed on Cha-Ching's interactive website ( and YouTube channel ( The new Charity Song and the Cha-Ching Album featuring all songs from the 16 music videos are now available for purchase from iTunes Store. Proceeds of the song and album downloads will go to the Prudence Foundation's Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts.

The new Charity song, a power ballad, is part of the original line-up of animated Cha-Ching music videos that aims to teach children aged seven to 12 four fundamental money smart values -- Earn, Save, Spend and Donate. The Charity song highlights the choice to donate and share what we have, either in the form of money, time or basic goods, to those with less in life.

Cartoon Network will start airing the new Cha-Ching Charity music video featuring Pineda on Saturday, 12 April 2014 across Asia. It will also air on Channel V for one month.

Pineda shared, "I am honoured to partner with Prudence Foundation for this meaningful initiative. We all need to be reminded of our social obligation to share with those who have less than we do." He added, "I am glad to play a part and hope everybody will download the song to support this worthy cause."

Pineda became the lead singer of Journey in 2007. He has his own charitable organisation, the Arnel Pineda Foundation Inc. (APFI), and recently recorded the single "Listen With Your Heart" with other famed Filipino music artists as a tribute to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and a gesture of thanks for the aid extended by over 50 countries in the aftermath of the natural disaster. Together with Journey, he has also helped give over 2 Million Meals to the United Nations' World Food Programme.

Strengthening the pillars -- children, education and disaster preparedness and relief

Prudence Foundation Executive Director Marc Fancy highlighted, "What we are trying to achieve with the new Charity song and animated music video is a culmination of Prudence Foundation's three main areas of focus -- children, education and disaster preparedness and relief. 'Charity' is originally featured in the Cha-Ching series, meant to educate kids about the value of donating. What we do in our disaster preparedness and relief programmes is encapsulated in the song -- we help people in need make a fresh start. This project hopes to broaden the awareness on pressing issues that we need to respond to and involves even the youngest members of our society in the movement to affect positive change in our communities."

After Typhoon Haiyan devastated Central Philippines in November 2013, Prudence Foundation mobilised resources and pledged US$2 million to support the immediate relief and long-term recovery effort in the affected areas.

As part of this commitment, Prudence Foundation is funding the construction of 135 disaster-resilient homes for displaced families as well as 183 motorised fishing boats and 140 pedicabs to help restore normal livelihoods in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island in Cebu. In March 2014, in partnership with humanitarian organisation Habitat for Humanity, Prudence Foundation led a team of over 100 employee-volunteers from Prudential's operations across 12 countries in Asia and the United Kingdom to build some of these houses, together with the local community.

About the Prudence Foundation

In 2011, Prudential established the Prudence Foundation to further drive its efforts in giving back to the communities in which it operates, building on its long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility. The Foundation provides a unified charitable platform for bringing Prudential's regional community activities to a new level of strategic alignment and focus, to maximise the impact of its efforts across Asia.

Its mission is to make a lasting contribution to Asian societies through sustainable initiatives focused on the three key pillars: Education, Children and Disaster Preparedness & Relief. Under each pillar, the Foundation has regional flagship programmes as well as market specific programmes, working closely in partnership with local and international NGOs. The Foundation embodies the long-term and heartfelt commitment of Prudential's people in Asia to provide innovative, focused, and practical support to their local communities.

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About Cha-Ching

Cha-Ching is one of the key initiatives of the Prudence Foundation. Produced in cooperation with the Cartoon Network, the leading children's channel in the Asia Pacific, and with the expertise of Dr. Alice Wilder, an expert in educational and child psychology, Cha-Ching takes an engaging and age-appropriate musical narrative approach to teach children about four key fundamental money management concepts -- Earn, Save, Spend and Donate.

Cha-Ching is a series of three-minute animated television musical music videos for children aged seven to 12 years old that were produced by and aired over the Cartoon Network. Other elements of the programme include a website ( with games and applications featuring real-life money management scenarios, online resources and activity plans which parents and teachers alike can work through with children and a mobile application for iPodtouch, iPhone and iPad users that helps children track their money cycle.

About Prudential Corporation Asia

Prudential Corporation Asia is a business unit of Prudential plc*, comprising its life insurance operations, and asset management business, Eastspring Investments. Prudential is a leading life insurer that spans 13 markets in Asia, covering Cambodia, mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. A leading life insurer in terms of market coverage with more market leading positions than any other insurer in the region, Prudential has more than 400,000 agents and employees across the region serving over 12 million life insurance customers.

Eastspring Investments is one of Asia's largest asset managers with operations in 11 markets and GBP60 billion in assets under management (at 31 December 2013).

*Prudential plc is listed on the stock exchanges of London (PRU.L), Hong Kong (2378.HK), Singapore (K6S.SG) and New York (PUK.N). Prudential plc is not affiliated or related in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc., a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America. For more information:

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