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The chief bares all

Published on Friday, 11 Jan 2013
Alex Malley (right) and student diarist Adam Rosenberg interview Giam Swiegers (left), CEO of Deloitte Australia.
Photo: CPA Australia

Do you want exclusive access to the world’s movers and shakers? The Naked CEO is a 24/7, 365-days-a-year, access-all-areas pass to global leaders and brands. The online series is also packed with tips on how to secure graduate opportunities and develop the skills crucial to launching successful careers.

The title refers to Alex Malley, chief executive of CPA Australia, inviting students to join him behind-the-scenes with inspiring leaders of aspirational companies. As a celebrated academic and CEO of one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, Malley is committed to working closely with the next generation of business leaders by giving easy access to today’s successful company heads.

Since its launch in February 2012, The Naked CEO has been supplying the inside story on what it takes to build a career and lead a business, while giving students genuine advice and a unique career advantage. It delivers unprecedented access to a CEO and his demanding lifestyle, and provides an opportunity to engage with Malley as a mentor and adviser, and to learn from his peers from every corner of the world.

Featured companies are chosen based on their appeal to the target global audience of university students and young professionals.

“Interviews are always with the CEOs, with supplementary interviews that provide a more detailed understanding of how to get a job and build a career with that company. Research is undertaken via our extensive student network to ensure that the companies featured are interesting, relevant and those our audience aspire to work with,” Malley says.

There are currently 18 episodes available online. A minimum of 12 new episodes are planned for 2013. Each two-part episode will include a student diarist chosen from an accounting, business or finance course.

In another section, called “Ask Alex”, students can send questions to Malley and receive a personal answer in video format. Students can also join promotions and contests, and get the chance to join Malley in an episode of The Naked CEO as the student diarist.

Aside from the interviews with CEOs, the series features daily postings, including local content from the rest of Asia, such as practical tips and advice on study, jobseeking and career-building skills, backed up by interviews with top managers.

“There is always new content and opportunities to engage, so it pays to visit the site regularly,” says Malley, who will be at the CPA Australia Career Expo today to officially launch The Naked CEO in Hong Kong.

Expo participants can meet and talk with Malley, and grab the opportunity to audition to become a star in an episode of The Naked CEO.

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