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Classified Post Career Forum highlights: Google Ignite programme aims to develop digital marketing talent in Hong Kong

Published on Friday, 13 Nov 2015
Nancy Ting, head of Hong Kong SMB marketing, Google (Photo: Jordan Yim)

The digital era has fundamentally transformed consumer behaviour. Almost every company is now trying to leverage mobile trends to market their products and services, making digital marketing a major battlefield for businesses. 

To help young graduates and professionals in Hong Kong learn more about digital marketing, technology giant Google has launched Google Ignite – a programme designed to develop digital marketing talent.

Nancy Ting, head of Hong Kong SMB marketing at Google, shared the prospects of digital marketing and details on Google Ignite with graduates at the Career Forum. 

Through the programme, which has recently launched in Hong Kong, students and recent graduates are trained online or offline to gain Google AdWords certification, and then – if successful in their application – put in touch with companies that are offering digital marketing jobs. 

“Digital marketers should have a rosy outlook, because Hong Kong is a city with a high internet penetration rate, and going online has become a part of life for most people,” Ting said. “They are very comfortable shopping and being entertained online.”

As consumers are spending an increasing number of hours online, the challenge for marketers is to keep them engaged. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketers have a lot more tools to engage audience in creative ways, such as via gamification or video clips. 

“The interaction that marketers have with consumers has never been more significant,” Ting said.

In addition, the use of big data allows marketers to track consumer behaviour and easily gain feedback. With more data available, digital marketers can accurately target a specific group or audience, making the marketing process much more effective. 

Another encouraging trend for digital marketers is that consumers are moving away from television, and prefer watching videos online. Ting said video adverts on YouTube have created huge potential for digital marketing. 

“When people are watching videos online, they tend to have less distraction, compared to when they are watching television. Digital marketers can gain more attention from consumers than traditional commercials,” she said. 

For Google Ignite, Ting said they are not looking for marketing students in particular. Whether a candidate’s background is creative or technical, there is a role for everyone in the digital marketing industry. 

To join the programme, applicants are required to submit an application form, upload an English resume and complete two short essays online. Selected applicants will be recommended by Google to participate in the “Star Discovery Interview Days”. During this recruitment process, applicants will be matched with companies according to employment needs and their own preferences. 

Each participating company will decide whether to conduct additional interviews with interviewees after this process. Those successfully hired through Google Ignite will become a “Digital Star I”, and be eligible to participate in pre- and on-the-job training.

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