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Cloud tech gives career high for HDS manager

Published on Friday, 05 Oct 2012
Chris Lai
Photo: Jonathan Wong

Chris Lai, business development manager for cloud services at Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), joined the company after being offered the unique opportunity to build a new cloud-services team.

With 14 years of experience in the IT industry he has worked at companies including PCCW, Microware and Jardine OneSolution, and has had business dealings with a wide range of vendors, partners and customers.

He tells Wong Yat-hei that he took up the challenge at HDS to gain more exposure to the industry and to widen his career path.
What is your academic background?
I graduated from Trent University in Canada with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
How does a typical day go?
I like to start with planning, doing analyses and writing proposals in the morning as these tasks are rather time-consuming. In the afternoon I have meetings with my team mates to discuss future plans and client enquiries.
What does your job entail?
My duty is to ensure that data systems are able to deliver services effectively to clients. I develop new cloud solutions to enrich our service portfolio, conduct market analysis for better market positioning, provide technology advice, and guarantee service availability, reliability and flexibility.

What major challenges have you encountered so far?
One is that the team is fairly new and has very limited resources. I have to adopt a multitasking approach whereby all decisions have to be considered carefully to make sure plans have been thoroughly thought out before implementation.
What are your long-term professional plans?
As I move up I plan to take on more management duties. My aim is to become team leader. To do that I have to work hard on developing my people-management skills and enhancing my strategic-planning abilities.
What advice can you give those interested in the industry?
I suggest candidates keep an open mind and be eager to try new things. They should also be versatile and not focus on one technology sector. They must work hard to broaden their knowledge and be ready to take on new challenges.

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