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Connecting to the driving force of the future

Published on Monday, 03 Mar 2014
Michael Leung

With information technology (IT) one of the hottest recruitment sectors in Hong Kong right now, graduates seeking jobs in the sector need to be aware of how they can best match the opportunities that are out there.

Michael Leung, president of the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS) - a non-profit association that has played a vital role in moulding the IT community - says the forum is a chance for youngsters to learn about the skills they need to hone to be successful. "IT is a key driving force of many industries nowadays - it is shaping the future. We want to educate young people on what it takes to be part of this dynamic industry, and to empower them with the information they need to succeed," he says.

Encouraging young people to get involved in the industry and to develop a clear understanding of what they want from their career is one of the HKCS's most important goals. "At the HKCS we have a motto: IT shapes the future. This is the key message I will be sharing [at the forum], as I want to convey to young people that IT is the engine that drives development in many industries and that it is constantly evolving," Leung says.

"My previous experience working in banking - an industry that relies heavily on IT to develop - proved to me that IT is the driving force of the future. Young people interested in IT have to not only work hard, but also work smart. People depend on the support of their IT team to make systems work and to handle everything from e-mail to managing big accounts at all hours of the day."

Leung also emphasises the need for IT professionals to possess savvy communication skills and sound business acumen. "Nowadays, working in IT does not mean hiding behind a desk in the back of the office. Today's professionals interact with users and customers, use social media, and must be able to relate to people. People skills are crucial, and companies are interested in how they can use IT to grow their businesses," he says.

The forum offers a chance for young jobseekers to network with individuals from industries which depend heavily on technology. "You can impress upon an interviewer that you are interested in their industry if you can express yourself clearly and show maturity," Leung says. "We look for youngsters who are open-minded, curious, and enthusiastic to learn and accept new things. These traits show they have a mind to explore new ideas and are interested in working hard.

"In today's fast-changing IT landscape, while being computer-savvy and having skills like coding or graphic design is important, it is crucial to have a desire to face new challenges."

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