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Course that offers down-to-earth tips

Published on Friday, 31 Dec 2010

Every day we are bombarded with news about pollution and global warming, but few of us put any effort into making changes. For those who do want to make a difference, the master of science degree in earth system science, offered at the Chinese University's graduate division of earth system and geoinformation science, provides the opportunity.

Associate professor Pan Jianyi says the programme offers multidisciplinary knowledge for students to help them make better decisions in managing natural resources and protecting the environment.

"The course is designed to provide a solid theoretical framework of earth system components and their interactions. It introduces the latest remote sensing and geospatial information technologies, and powerful tools for monitoring and analysing the components and their changes."

The aim is to enhance students' capability and competitiveness in the development of a career related to earth science research and application.

"Industries like oil drilling, fishing and shipping are dependent on knowledge of earth science and, as the world faces more environmental problems, scientists focus more on how to develop society on a sustainable track," Pan says.

Students will be taught conceptual and in-depth scientific knowledge, and the technical know-how for solving problems and improving resource management. The course accepts students with a bachelor's degree and takes one year full-time, or two years part-time. 

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