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CV tips for graduate

Question :

As a recent graduate, I don't have much to show for on my CV. What would be the single best items to highlight that would catch an employer's eye? Any sure win tips?

Posted by 2013 grad on Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013

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Sharmini Thomas - Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 2nd October 2013 10:06:00 PM


Hi 2013 grad, You can only be a fresh graduate once therefore I cannot emphasise the importance of having your resume prepared in a manner that highlights you, your achievements and what you are looking for. The first thing to note is that for graduate recruitment positions, organisations typically receive a huge amount of applications; at times it’s well into the thousands. You therefore need your application to stand out for a maximum of one minute when it’s being reviewed by the recruiting manager. How do you make your application stand out? Consider the overall appearance of your resume. Ensure that the layout is clean, minimalist and mostly in bullet point format with a consistent font so that it is easy to read. It should be no more than two pages and triple checked for any spelling or grammatical errors. Split your resume into the following subheadings; (1) Personal, (2) Qualifications, (3) Achievements, (4) Interests and (5) Work Experience. Underneath the first subheading (Personal), include your key contact details, location and language capabilities. For the second section (Qualifications), include the details of your degree, including your major. If you achieved a high GPA, include it here to highlight the strength of your academic performance. Include your Form 6 school institution and academic results too. The information below the third subheading (Achievements) becomes increasingly critical as you progress in your career because organisations are looking for individuals with the capacity to achieve a positive result, rather than just executing tasks. Highlight your achievements from both your schooling life or in any internship you held. For example, you may have achieved a certain outcome as President of a university student union, or, you might have participated in building houses as part of a charity project for disadvantaged communities overseas. Highlight here what makes you different and where you have invested your time. The fourth section (Interests) gives the recruiting manager a deeper understanding of you, your personality and what you enjoy pursuing outside of work. Ensure you include a combination of team and individual activities to show your versatility. The fifth section (Work Experience) should highlight any internships or part-time work you have held while studying. This really separates applicants who have had the initiative to secure employment and also highlights individuals who have secured employment with a high calibre organisation. It’s worth investing the time to get your resume right! Sharmini.

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