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Dah Sing seeks career-building graduates

Dah Sing Life Assurance is looking to recruit more university graduates to fill their 2012 quota of employing about 200 new insurance consultants.

“By the end of June we were on track, having recruited 110 consultants. We will continue to recruit more newcomers this year,” says Dicky P.T. Yu, head of training and development with Dah Sing Life Assurance.

“We are interested in university graduates, preferably with a degree in business, marketing, economics or finance, and people in sales or with experience in customer service, who are looking for better career opportunities,” Yu says.

“New agents receive a monthly allowance for the first 12 months on top of their commission.”

Among the many important qualities the job requires, Yu emphasises integrity, honesty and concern for other people, including good listening skills and understanding clients’ needs.

Applicants should also show a strong determination to pursue their career and run it as their own business.

Dah Sing Life’s edge is in the different financial services the group offers.

“When customers want wealth-management services, they can have a one-stop service with Dah Sing Life and affiliated companies, such as Dah Sing Bank. It is important for our new consultants to be able to offer this one-stop service as it is seen as the best way to enhance their customer-relationship and financial knowledge,” Yu says.

Applicants are first screened by a career profile test and passing that they will get an interview with their prospective manager. That is followed by an in-depth face-to-face interview with the agency head.

They also have to pass the Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination (IIQE) before starting work.

On joining Dah Sing, new hires have a career presentation that includes job content and code of conduct, and embark on a three-month interactive new-agent training programme with role plays and case studies.