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Dealing with an insecure boss


My boss hates me. She’s headed my department long before I joined the company, but only became my direct manager last year after a round of restructuring at the company. At first I was really excited to work with her, but this last year hasn’t been that great. For a start, she refused to mentor me, so I’ve had to try and teach myself.

My work isn’t the problem though, it’s what my boss does with it. Any work I do that’s great, she has a habit of claiming most of the credit for. And it’s only when I mess up that she attributes the work to me. This is weird to me. Doesn’t my success lead to hers as well? I don’t get why she’s so ready to throw me under the bus.

This all came to a head at the end of year performance evaluations. Now I knew that I’d killed it last year. Even if my boss had taken credit from me to look good, I was confident she’d at least evaluate me fairly as I knew my evaluations reflected on me alone, and wouldn’t be used either for or against her.

Oh how wrong I was! She claimed that I was about average, and working to expectations, with nothing special to report. Now that’s a blatant lie. Judging from how much credit my boss stole from me, I know my performance was much more deserving than that. I’m just not sure what I can do to stand up for myself.