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Demand grows for engineers

Published on Wednesday, 16 Mar 2011

God bless all with ties in Japan. After all that has happened in the past week, the world will begin to rethink how we build cities to protect residents from catastrophes. One of the answers is engineering.

Although there are many types of engineering disciplines, the most common types are civil, structural, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical, building services, chemical and construction. Most of the people in engineering usually fall under at least one of these categories.

In the past decade, the construction sector was in a poor shape. Many professionals had left the industry and few youngsters were willing to enter it. However, things seem to be improving.

In Hong Kong and the mainland, the engineering industry is rebounding, especially in construction. The government has launched 10 major infrastructure projects, while due to the mainland government’s policies, developers have been banned from stockpiling or “banking” landholdings.

As a result, developers have been rolling out residential, mixed-used and hotel projects across the country. Thanks to this boom, different types of engineering are in great demand including building, mechanical and electrical, civil and structural. We expect demand in these sectors to keep expanding.

Andrew Chung, senior consultant, Judd Farris Recruitment – Asia


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