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Demand grows for medical professionals

Published on Thursday, 06 May 2010

With the population ageing and people becoming generally more concerned about their health, there is a surge in demand for trained health care professionals. Reflecting this, Quality Healthcare, a local provider of outpatient integrated medical services, plans to open more clinics and will need new employees.

"The group is recruiting doctors, registered and enrolled nurses, physiotherapists, and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine," says human resources manager Kates Lam. "We are also looking for about 50 health care assistants to be responsible for the daily operation of our clinics."

Preferred candidates will have one or two years' experience in the medical sector, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a good command of English and Chinese. Anyone without relevant experience can still apply to join a six-month health care assistant trainee programme.

Health care assistants who display leadership skills can expect promotion to the role of deputy centre-in-charge. Alternatively, those more interested in dispensary work can take a separate course to become dispensers or senior dispensers.

"We recognise the value and importance of continuous learning and provide training to improve the skills and competencies of our entire workforce," Lam says. "We empower, motivate and reward employees to advance their professional development and serve our community's needs."

Helping hands  

  • Quality Healthcare is also looking for candidates to fill back-office positions including marketing executive, IT operator and customer service representative
  • The best applicants are those who care and willing to serve


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