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Demand persists for editors

Published on Friday, 28 Sep 2012

Education Publishing

Hong Kong’s education-publishing market is shrinking. A low birth rate is causing a decrease in student numbers, while the new “3-3-4” school curriculum sees the number of subjects taught in secondary schools drop to just 24. Both factors are having a serious effect on demand.

There is, however, always demand for the industry. This year, especially, will likely see that demand rise as it is the first year that students, under the new curriculum, took the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination. After judging their performance, we will know whether the textbooks are suitable for the new curriculum, and whether they are too difficult or too simple. If it is found that lots of amendments to the textbooks are required, publishers will need to hire people to do so.

Textbook editing is a career that requires patience and attention to detail. Those who want to join this industry need to be and enthusiasm about education. It cannot be treated as just a job.

Shek Kwok-kei, publisher, Pilot Publishing
As told to Chiu Po-sze


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