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Department to hire officers

Published on Friday, 06 Aug 2010

As many of its employees are about to reach retirement age, the Correctional Services Department is looking to recruit 80 officers and 200 assistant officers II over the next 18 months.

"We expect there will be about 2,000 staff retiring in the next 10 years," a department spokesperson says. "It is essential to recruit new officers to make up for this turnover."

The department needs people who are prepared to serve the community, understand the importance of correctional work, and have the confidence to carry out their duties effectively.

Officer recruits must complete a 26-week training programme, while the assistant officer II course lasts 23 weeks.

The training focuses on operational procedures, management concepts, and tactical techniques.

New hires must attend a two-week field placement at a prison.

"We provide continuous training and conduct performance appraisals to develop our staff," the spokesman says. "Career prospects are promising, as officers can be promoted to principal officer and above."

Candidates should be ready to take a physical test, written examination and a personal interview.

They must have a thorough understanding of the nature of the job and directives issued by the department.

"They can find all kinds of useful information from our website," the spokesman says. "It is definitely an advantage for candidates to have a high level of social awareness."

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