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Greg Morley
Director of Staffing, Compensation & Benefits, HRIS of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Equal opportunities  

Since opening, the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has employed hundreds of disabled "cast members", including those in the "Apprenticeship Programme for People with Disabilities".

The resort works closely with the Labour Department and local non-governmental organisations to facilitate recruitment and continuing support for "cast members" with disabilities. We are an equal opportunity employer. Disabled "cast members" are eligible for promotion, education and other training opportunities, the same as other "cast members".  


"Cast members" with disabilities are responsible for a variety of professional and guest roles, including catering, guest services at the hotel and merchandising. Based on their preference, most of them are part-time staff members.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has abundant barrier-free facilities in the frontline and back-of-house areas. This enables disabled "cast members" to perform their duties adequately and ensures them a safe working environment.  


Under the nine-month disability apprenticeship programme, apprentices are offered full-training before they undertake a guided transition from part-time work to full-time roles.

It provides participants with training and work experience, helping them to acquire relevant work and interpersonal skills, and develop their independence to cope with life in the community. Besides providing on-the-job training, a supervisor will be appointed to ensure guidance for the disabled apprentice and offer a better understanding of the working environment.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort also provides training to supervisors and peers of these apprentices to help them support the trainees.

Professor Joseph Lee
Pro-vice-chancellor (staffing), The University of Hong Kong

Equal opportunities

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) set up its own equal opportunities committee in 2003 to examine various issues and to oversee an action committee promoting the rights of the disabled.

To assist the work of these committees, an equal opportunities officer was appointed to head a special unit which also organises an annual three-week festival to draw attention to areas of concern and the needs of people with disabilities. In addition, each department has an adviser to help promote equal opportunity.



We have developed an online quiz to promote awareness of disabilities among employees and students.

Besides that, we have set up a fund to provide financial aid to staff who need the assistance of technical aids, or other equipment, to deal with disabilities in the workplace. There is scope to spend up to HK$100,000 each fiscal year.

On campus, facilities are provided to assist the disabled, including space for wheelchairs in lecture theatres, special guestrooms with en-suite bathrooms in student halls of residence, ramp access and railings on staircases.  


We are working on a point-to-point search map to show the best routes for wheelchair users between buildings on campus.

We also aim to make all HKU websites more easily accessible for the visually impaired.

As part of a campaign to promote this initiative, we held a training session in March to ensure staff members are fully aware of this development, and have the necessary technical knowledge and skills to explain or assist.