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Disney imagineers

Published on Friday, 19 Apr 2013
Rosalyn Woo and Chan Pik-hung are seeking experienced industrial and software engineers.
Photo: Hong Kong Disneyland

While millions of visitors file through the gates at Hong Kong Disneyland each year looking for a fun experience, very few are likely to consider what it takes to keep the theme park functioning smoothly.

Teams of engineers working behind the scenes design and maintain entertainment attractions, build props and stages, and use software to design and operate the latest audio, lighting and visual systems, all while ensuring families have fun in a safe environment.

Currently, Hong Kong Disneyland has job vacancies for a quality engineer, senior ride and show software engineer, and a senior industrial engineer.

Rosalyn Woo, Hong Kong Disneyland industrial engineering manager, says the focus is on making people and processes safer, more efficient and more effective.

"We work closely with other departments to ensure the entire operation is optimised as efficiently as possible to maximise the guest experience," Woo says, adding that working for Disneyland allows engineers to advance their career in a supportive environment.

Woo looks for good analytical, problem-solving and presentation skills. Job candidates must also be team players with strong interpersonal skills. Prospective candidates should have at least four years' applied industrial engineering experience or equivalent and have a strong operational background, knowledge of process-improvement projects such as Six Sigma or Lean, and experience in field studies, data collection and industrial-engineering analysis.

"Our engineers combine various industrial software technologies to produce our own unique lighting, audio and visual effects," says Chan Pik-hung, Hong Kong Disneyland manager of ride and show, scientific systems and quality engineering. Aware that the technology skills Disney looks for in the local market are hard to find, Chan says the theme park is prepared to provide specialist training.

"We look to employ high-calibre engineers who have experience using industry technology," he says.

In addition to a degree or above in mechanical or structural engineering, candidates need at least three years' relevant experience and strong interpersonal and organisation skills. "We work in a dynamic environment where there are lots of opportunities for personal and career growth," Chan says.

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