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Do I need to climb up again?

Question :

I've worked solidly to progress to manage a group of sales. The company wants to expand and hired a new boss to drive sales. He's now divided the market and hired a bunch of other senior personnel to focus on these segments. In effect, I have new competition and it looks like I've been downgraded. It seems I have to prove myself all over again. Is my position at risk? What can I do to prove and show my value?

Posted by Tinnie on Monday, 10 Mar 2014

Comments :

Growth is good for any business, its stakeholders and its employees. It is important to remember that without growth, your career may not progress. There are a number of areas that you should consider when deciding if your position is at risk. You mentioned that the business has hired a new boss, so you need to look at this decision made by the company and consider why the business has done this? Do you feel that your new boss is more experienced than yourself and will be able to learn and develop from him? If you feel you should have been given the role, then you need to assess why you did not get the role and what that means for you and your career. You might also be able to assess areas of improvement for your professional development by reviewing this decision. Many companies will divide a market to help drive specialisation. This allows the sales people to know their specific market very well and build meaningful and in depth relationships with their clients. Having a stronger, more developed sales team will mean that there are more people out in the market talking about the brand and the business can increase market share. This will result in more business expansion and great opportunities for people in the business to take on more responsibilities and senior roles. If you believe in the business that you work for, then you should focus your energy on becoming the best sales person in your business and this will help with your future career progression. It is also important that you build a relationship with your new boss and ensure you remain positive about the changes in the business. Strong managers know what is happening in their business and they will know those employees who are being negative and this will impact those employees' future career progression. Finally, if you feel you can develop, learn and be successful, then it's vital that you embrace the changes and demonstrate how valuable you are to the business by focusing on your current role.

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