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Don’t let study put you off changing

Question :

I am fed up with my industry and regret the study choices I made when younger. I’d love to do something more hands-on, but most of the areas I’m interested in require years of study and I have too many other commitments. Should I just plod on with what I’m doing?

Posted by BoredDan on Saturday, 09 Aug 2014

Comments :

I think the majority of people have felt the same way at least once in their careers. It is human nature to ask ‘what if?’ when considering the alternative career paths you could have taken.

It is difficult to comment on the viability of the industry you are in and what appeals to you as a next step without knowing further details. However, what you ask is very much a personal question that you need to examine and answer yourself. 

A friend of mine was established as an outstanding management consultant at one of the best global firms, when he decided he wanted to study medicine and become a specialist.

We wondered why he would do that as he was very successful in his career, however his response was that he needed to follow his passion. Nine years later, I’m pleased to say, he has completed his studies and practical training and is loving life. 

He’s never looked back, and although the sacrifice in time and cost was significant, his hard work and dedication resulted in him reaching his goals. 

Of course, it depends on the individual and the industry. Some career paths require a huge investment in study and training, while others have less demanding barriers to entry. A positive way to think about it is that making the switch now will set you up for the rest of your career. If you’re passionate enough about the change, I am sure you’ll make the time for it. 

Have you considered related options that may require less sacrifice and investment to enter? Sometimes there are more flexible study options available, such as correspondence or intensive weekend courses, while other options offer practical components.

If you genuinely feel your career no longer excites you, you should make the effort to change it. 


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