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Dragonair to recruit 50 flight attendants

Published on Thursday, 09 Sep 2010

As part of its continuing expansion, Dragonair will hold a recruitment day on September 13 to hire about 50 flight attendants.

Candidates will undergo a series of interviews and assessments. These include proficiency tests in English and Putonghua. Applicants must demonstrate that they have an excellent attitude towards providing service and have good communication skills.

Each recruit will start with a seven-week training programme.

San Tsui, a cabin crew trainee who graduated from university in June, says that the most interesting part was learning about aircraft operations and on-board procedures.

"Some of the classes actually take place in the cabin, which was an eye-opening opportunity for us," says Tsui, who majored in business and Japanese, and had some customer service experience from previous part-time jobs. Another trainee, Tommy Tang, says applicants should prepare thoroughly for the recruitment day and understand that studying hard is the key to success.

"There is a lot of information and detail that you need to be familiar with or memorise," says Tang, who has a degree in environmental studies.

"Written and practical assessments are carried out every week, and there will be final assessments at the end of the training period."

Both trainees from the recent intake have enjoyed their experiences so far, believing they have chosen the right career path. "I like meeting people from all walks of life and this is the profession that I am most interested in," Tsui says. "It is [better than] just handling paperwork in a bank."

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