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Dressing for success – and not like a mess

Published on Friday, 22 Apr 2011

An article in a recent newspaper wrote about the brashness of some of today’s candidates and their attitude toward dressing for employment interviews.  Some candidates arrived in jeans, sweat suits and running shoes.  Other candidates dressed professionally ‘corporate’ with a view to enhancing their chances to impress the interviewer.   We guarantee, an appropriate dress code for an interview will always give a better impression to interviewers.

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  As such, there’s one notion that all interviewers share - it’s that you, the candidate, are showing them your best, and that what they see during the interview is the best you’ve got.

Remember, in most cases, you’re trying to convince a total stranger that they should invest substantial amounts of time and money in you.  Why wouldn’t you look your best?

For men, a business suit (solid grey, navy or dark colour) with a tie should be your choice, together with a long sleeved shirt (white or coordinated with the suit).  Dark socks with leather shoes.  The style for men is simple, clean and professional.  A portfolio or briefcase is always a good accessory.

Women have a great deal more flexibility than men in their choice of business attire.  However, a greater number of options doesn’t grant women complete freedom in an interview situation.  Women should take care to avoid what could be considered provocative clothing - V-neck sweaters, short skirts, or patterned stockings.  They should wear dresses or suits in muted colors and non-shiny fabrics, and avoid large jewellery, oversized hand-bags, open-toed shoes, and spiked heels.  Light make-up is good to look sharp.  Again, a portfolio or briefcase is always a good accessory.

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