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Ex-Enron workers upset by new sentence for ex-CEO

Published on Sunday, 23 Jun 2013
Former Enron Corp chief executive Jeffrey Skilling (C) with his attorney Daniel Petrocelli (R), is escorted from Federal court in Houston in this October 23, 2006 file photo. Skilling's near decade-long quest to prove he did nothing wrong at the once high-flying energy-trading behemoth ended on June 21, 2013 when a federal judge shaved 10 years off of his prison sentence. (REUTERS)

HOUSTON: Two former Enron Corp. employees say they are upset that ex-company CEO Jeffrey Skilling had a decade cut from his original sentence of more than 24 years during a resentencing hearing.

Diana Peters, the only Enron victim who spoke at the hearing, says Skilling remains a “manipulating, greedy, money-hungry person.”

Another ex-employee, George Maddox, said in a phone interview from his East Texas home that Skilling “should have to serve his time just like everyone else.”

Skilling was resentenced Friday by U.S. district judge Sim Lake in Houston.

He already was in prison for his role in the once-mighty energy giant’s collapse, having been sentenced in 2006. An appeals court vacated his original sentence.

Skilling was resentenced as part of a court-ordered reduction and a separate agreement with prosecutors.


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