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Failing to meet sales target

Question :

I work for a large bank and daily when bank close, our team head will 'rub numbers' and scold us over our sales targets. Its very high pressure and non-stop work. I want to move somewhere less stress but afraid it's the same at others and I haven't been working here for a year yet. Do you think I can move internally from frontline post or should I look externally?


Posted by Ada on Monday, 18 Nov 2013

Comments :

Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 4th December 2013 06:09:00 PM


For your career it's important that you feel challenged and you have job satisfaction. In order to achieve this you need to assess your personal strengths and areas for development, and then find a role that will meet your expectations. I would recommend that you first look at potential opportunities within your current firm. Most companies will advertise internally the positions that they have open, and this will give you a clear idea of what is currently available in the business. Depending on the full situation it might also be appropriate for you to have a discussion with your manager to talk through the concerns you have in your role. This will help you understand if this is a passing phase or this is what you should expect going forward. How you approach this meeting is very important and you need to assess how much information you are going to provide your manager on where your thoughts are at. I would also suggest that you review opportunities external to your business. This will allow you to make a fully informed decision about your role and other opportunities that may exist in the market. I recommend that you also think about the questions that you are going to ask in the interviews to ensure you get all the information you need to assess the opportunity. This is especially important if you decide to move on as you have only been in your current role for less than a year. If you do change companies then you need to ensure you stay at the new firm for a period of time to demonstrate stability in your career. Any sales or frontline position will have targets that the business expects you to meet and with this comes a level of pressure and stress. I do believe you can move to a back office position, but this will depend on your current skills and education. Finally, do a self-assessment, look at all possible options both internally and externally, ask lots of questions and this will help you make the right decision going forward.

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