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FedEx Express HK seeks good tracking instinct

Published on Monday, 30 Apr 2012
Benny Yung
Photo: Edmond So

Benny Yung, senior trace representative at FedEx Express Hong Kong, is responsible for handling inquiries on the whereabouts of packages. “I need to provide accurate information to customers about the status of their shipment, whether it is en route, going through customs, or being delivered. I also need to be ready to quickly provide recommendations and solutions to customers if they have queries,” Yung says.

“As a senior, I am also responsible for advancing our service improvement programme by constantly communicating with customers to obtain feedback on our service and identify ways to further improve. I am also responsible for coaching and supporting newer colleagues,” he says.

Being a trace representative requires experience in customer service. Yung joined FedEx in 2006 as a customer representative, before taking part in the firm’s job change application programme to become a trace representative in 2008.

FedEx offers internal training to help trace representatives do their job.

“I have to learn technical things such as product and services offerings, operational skills as a customer service agent, including tracking a package, and most importantly, techniques in serving customers,” he says.

“I also need regulatory knowledge such as customs clearance procedures and important requirements of various international markets, as well as  learning about   solutions  for customers whose packages may encounter customs clearance issues overseas,” he adds.

The next big step in the career ladder for Yung would be to become a customer service team leader, followed by customer service specialist and then a post in management.

“As I gradually grew into my role, I had to learn to better manage my time, sharpen my customer service skills and gain more in-depth knowledge of our operations. I needed to do all these because I was responsible for coaching newer colleagues, to make sure they have the right knowledge to support customers. For example, they need to know the proper customs documentation for shipments to prevent delays at borders,” Yung adds. 

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