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Finance jobs still in credit

Published on Thursday, 02 Aug 2012

Financial Services

The financial services sector has generally remunerated its employees well, relative to other sectors. This is typically because of the complexity of the work, the long working hours, margins and the need to attract the best talent in the market.

The global climate for financial services is challenging due to uncertainty, particularly in Europe. This has translated into reduced levels of activity in Hong Kong and has left the banking and finance sector subdued. However, due to the scale of the sector here, there are still many opportunities available and things are much busier compared to other markets, such as in the UK or Australia. The Asia region has fared relatively well overall due to the continued strength of mainland China.

Entry into the financial services sector, particularly a front-office role, requires strong academic results coupled with the right career choices. Good academic results will provide routes into the top investment banks, which provide outstanding career paths for strong performers.

It will, at times, require sacrifices due to the working hours required. Rewards, however, will come from the high-profile nature of the work, financial compensation and opportunities for career progression.

Sharmini Thomas, regional director, Michael Page International
As told to Chiu Po-sze