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Firm looks to the future

Published on Friday, 17 Sep 2010

Marketing and distribution company Jebsen Group is looking for new blood to drive its business, cope with a rapidly changing landscape and maintain its pipeline of future leaders.

"We have openings for different job functions in sectors that include beverages, motors, watches and logistics," says Mimi Lok, assistant group human resources manager.

Candidates should possess functional skills and knowledge, commitment, a high level of integrity and a desire to serve customers.

"We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and committed to their work," Lok says. "They must be willing to take on responsibilities and able to find ways to enjoy their work."

Jebsen is dedicated to providing the corporate training, functional skills and tailor-made programmes for people to enhance their capabilities.

"We emphasise staff development and have vigorous talent management initiatives," says Sarah Ho, group career development manager. "The aim is to build a talent pool through the trainee programme and good succession management. All these initiatives show Jebsen's belief in human capital as the driver of success and the value we put on caring for staff."

New hires should consider short- and long-term prospects in setting out their career plans.

"In the early stages, more emphasis should be put on finding a company like ours that can provide opportunities to gain exposure and perform challenging tasks," Lok says. "This will help in building a good foundation for further career progression."

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