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Firming up the foundations

CIC wants skilled craftsmen to train next generation

With demand surging for construction-industry talent, there is an immediate need to produce skilled craftsman in all construction trades to work on various major infrastructure projects around Hong Kong.

The Construction Industry Council (CIC), which provides training for various construction trades, is subsequently looking for instructors to add to its training staff. It is currently recruiting experienced craftsmen in a host of areas, ranging from plumbing to marble-laying to welding.

Christopher To, the council’s executive director, says they are looking for individuals who can make a real contribution to Hong Kong’s infrastructural advancement.

“With Hong Kong’s 10 major infrastructure projects in various stages of development, the construction industry needs unprecedented support from the CIC in a wide range of areas,” he says. “There are endless opportunities to be a part of Hong Kong’s expansion and transformation by providing responsive and innovative advice, quality research, industry-driven training, skills assessment, and proactive communication platforms, which aim towards shaping a better and more unified industry.”

New CIC staff can expect a positive working culture which nurtures growth and productivity. “Our working culture aligns with the CIC vision to ‘drive for unity and excellence in the construction industry of Hong Kong’,” To says. “The concept of ‘unity’ and ‘excellence’ is part and parcel of our day-to-day activities, especially when it comes to how our colleagues work together to accomplish a common goal. We also adopt a balanced work-life experience and encourage colleagues to adopt such an attitude whenever they can.”

The council recognises that human capital is the most valuable asset an organisation can have in order to achieve success. “We put a great deal of emphasis on the development and well-being of our colleagues,” To says. “We offer many such opportunities to our staff to help them grow professionally and personally, such as opportunities to attend overseas conferences.”

With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Julian Lee, research manager at CIC, has managed many different kinds of construction projects, including power plants, railways, underground tunnels and building development. His experience spans Hong Kong, China and several other parts of Asia.

Lee wanted to share his valuable experience to help drive a better future for Hong Kong’s construction industry, so he joined the CIC with the aim of promoting the application of innovative technology and good practices.

“CIC provides me with a challenging working platform which gives me wide exposure to different construction-related areas,” Lee says. “These include innovative construction technology, safety management, productivity and sustainability.”

Lee is also exposed to a wide range of activities involving construction research. “The research areas covered are wide-ranging and novel,” he says. “Managing research projects also allows me to gain valuable knowledge in different areas and communicate with different groups of people, from academic institutes to industry stakeholders. The network I have developed here is tremendous.”

Lee also enjoys working at CIC because of initiatives that aim to generate a positive impact on not just the industry itself, but society as a whole. “For example, the launch of carbon labelling for construction materials is an attempt to reduce the environmental impact of the industry,” he says. “The publication of the industry’s key performance indicators also has the potential to set a series of benchmarks for future industry development.”

Reflecting the council’s interest in providing learning opportunities for its staff, Lee recently participated in an international event on construction sustainability in Japan, which he found very informative. “I got the chance to see many new technologies, some of which could be adopted in Hong Kong,” he says. “In addition, I have had plenty of opportunities to attend industry-related seminars and conferences, where I get first-hand information regarding the industry.”