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Forecast fine despite clouds

Published on Thursday, 13 Oct 2011

Despite the recent worrying news in stock markets and economies around the globe, Hong Kong’s major carrier – Cathay Pacific Group – is planning to recruit 2,000 cabin crew over the next two years. With already ordered aircraft to arrive, airlines need to crew the planes, because the alternative – leaving them on the ground – will cost them dearly.

Cabin crew are also experiencing a higher-than-average turnover rate compared with other professions, which is why interested parties can apply year-round, with on-line
application facilitating the process.

On the pilot front, with the world expecting a worldwide shortage, local airlines such as Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair are recruiting cadet pilots. Given the long training and large resources required to train a fully qualified pilot, the recruitment of cadet pilots tends to be little affected by economic cycles. Applications for pilot positions are, like for cabin crew, open year-round. The shortfall of pilots means that remuneration packages for the profession can be expected to increase in the future.

Meanwhile, across the border, the first of five double-decker Airbus A380 Superjumbos that China Southern ordered in 2005 is set to be delivered in mid-October. The aggressive expansion of airlines on mainland China is expected to make the talent squeeze even tighter.

Vivian Leung, business manager, Aviation Institute

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