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Foreign experience tallies up


Accountancy graduates are unlikely to have too much difficulty finding a job in the industry. For a successful career, however, good communications skills are just as important as an understanding of figures, such as being able to communicate a detailed budget smoothly to people outside the industry.

Young people with long-term intentions in the industry should also try to spend a couple of years working outside Hong Kong, such as in the mainland, Southeast Asia or even Europe. There they can observe foreign business models and absorb a different culture. This helps to broaden their horizons and international perspectives.

The industry has a clear career path. After working in a firm for more than a decade, accountants may have the chance to be promoted to financial director or even partner.

Accountants in Hong Kong help act as a bridge between the mainland and foreign countries. If mainland companies want to be listed in Hong Kong or in the US, they often like to hire Hong Kong accountants. The same is true if Western companies want to invest or expand in the mainland.

Kenneth Leung, legislative councillor for the accountancy functional constituency
As told to Chiu Po-sze